About us


 Chocolate and orange surprise cupcake


Crumbs 'n' All Caribbean Cakes and Chutneys has been trading since late 2010, and is run by Sonia McDonnell.  The idea came about by a chance comment made by her daughter's friend who, after eating a second (or was it third?!!) helping of birthday cake, asked Sonia whether her cakes were for sale. After over 20 years in the legal profession, Sonia had been thinking about a career change, and so this throw away comment proved to be the epiphany for the creation of Crumbs 'n' All Caribbean Cakes.

The inspiration for Caribbean cakes and chutneys came about from various trips to the family home in Jamaica, where it was usual to go the local market daily for home-grown produce that had been brought to the market fresh that morning, as opposed to be flown across various continents and kept artificially fresh before arriving in the UK. It's hard not to fall in love with not only the idyllic and laid back lifestyle but also enjoy the organic way of growing fruit and vegetables, hand-reared livestock and poultry, and freshly-caught fish on a daily basis.  You can definitely taste the difference, and as organic farming and fishing is the norm there is no premium paid for it!

That's why all our ingredients are as fresh and as natural as we are physically able to source locally (to help keep our carbon footprint to the minimum), with free-range and organic ingredients used wherever possible.